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--By Rabindranath Tagore 1961-1941--

WEXTEN - your best choice on cooling technology

In the field of precision machinery industry, "high speed and high accuracy" is the main trend in the future. However, machining will cause temperature rise which deforms the workpiece, and lowers the machining precision. As the work spindle is high-speed-oriented,and the machining precision is upgraded,there comes a critical issue as how to overcome the temperature rise if a precision machine is expected to stride forward a high quality and high value. WEXTEN can provide a cooling technology which is highly accurate and efficient. It is the best solution to overcome the temperature rise.


21st Century is the century which a precision machine challenges the temperature rise

WEXTEN is a prefessional who knows how to overcome the temperature rise for machines and equipment. In order to provide customers with better quality and service,and ensure no heat deformation on the machine or the equipment after temperature rise, we have never stopped on the research. WEXTEN persists in innovation and research, and keeps on boosting efficientcy, precision and quality for the cooling equipment. Our high precision frequency-converted cooling machine as well as the cooling equipment used in high technology industry has reached the advanced country's standard on efficiency and quality.


"Graceful in progress" is WEXTEN's permanent insistency

WEXTEN will not be satisfied at the midway achievement. We persists in innovation and research,and ceaselessly upgrade quality. We believe that the most beautiful flower will bloom on the road named "persistency" for a diligent people.