Company Evolution

  • 1996

    Wexten Precise Industries Limited Company is founded and the meaning of company name is based on English word "WISDOM". We are

    specialized in manufacturing and selling industrial cooling machines.

  • ISO 9001 was certified by TUV Rhineland and issued the certificate.

  • Because of the growing scale of company, WEXTEN had restructured and renamed as "Wexten Precise Industries Co., Ltd. Due to these changes, a diversified operation team had been established.

  • Demand for industrial cooling machines in China was growing rapidly. Kunshan Point Precision Cooling Machinery Co. Ltd. was
    established in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and brought industrial coolers with environmentally friendly refrigerant to Chinese market.
    ISO 9001:2000 was certified and upgraded by TUV Rhineland,

    and issued the certificate.There was innovative design and development of new product "Rapid Freezing Suction Pad".

    It was obtained many application patents
    and won gold medal in the National Invention Award of Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • It was implement industrial needs and conducted innovative research on industrial technologies and products through the Ministry of

    Economic Affairs' "Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)" project grant.

  • Wexten's 「High Precision Inverter Industrial Cooler 」

    series had won the 「16th Taiwan Excellence Award 」.

    It is the first time for cooling machine industry to win the Taiwan Excellence Award,

    and opened a new era for cooling machine industry in Taiwan.

    Wexten had won "Golden Hand Award" of Taichung City Government due to the outstanding business performance.

  • Wexten kept developing "High Precision Inverter Coooler" series, enhancing technology and competitiveness. Wexten had won "The 16th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award" from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Wexten's High Precision Inverter Oil Cooler had won the "Golden Design Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, due to its simple and elegant design with unique the rmostatic technology.

    In view of fact that "Human resource development

    is the key to sustainable development".

    Wexten has invested in education and trainingof company's

    staff for a long time, and was awarded

    Bronze Medal from "Talent Quality-management System (TTQS)" by Council of Labor


  • In response to rising awareness of global environmental protection, Wexten has launched "High Precision DC Green Energy Inverter

    Industrial Cooler" which was built by environmental friendly materials to contribute our efforts and careness of our planet. In the same time, the product has won the "20th Taiwan Excellence Award"

  • ISO 9001:2008 was certified and upgraded by TUV Rhineland, and issued the certificate.

    Whole series of products had passed by TUV Rhineland CE certification (version: 2006/95/EC) and issued certificate.

  • It was implemented "Industry-Academia Training Cooperation Program" in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor to cultivate

    industrial talents.

    Results of staff education and training had been recognized by government, and company had been awarded Bronze Medal from

    "Talent Quality-Management System (TTQS)" by the Council of Labor Affairs again.

  • The newly launched products had passed the FEMC Electromagnetic Compatibility 」 certification by TUV Rhineland.

  • ISO 9001:2015 was certified and upgraded by TUV Rhineland, and issued the certificate.

  • Wexten/Point Precise Cooling Machinery (China) Co., LTD was established in Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou,

    Jiangsu Province, China . New factory in Suzhou was making a great leap forward in production capacity towards full automation.

    Whole series of products had been upgraded to CE certification by TUV Rhineland CE certification (version: 2014/35/EU) and issued


  • Wexten had launched a new model of single-unit dual-temperature-controlled dual-liquid cooler, and has two times capacities as previous models solve temperature rising problem for customers. It had obtained a patent for plural circuit cooling system in Taiwan from

    2018,and Patent for multi-circuit cooling system in China in 2019 with a special circuit structure design.

  • Single-unit dual-temperature-controlled dual-liquid cooler carring AloT function, and providing condition monitoring of cloud system.The cooling machine can provide instant information of operational status, further enhancing to goal of Industry 4.0

    andcreating new value for industry.

  • Wexten had partnered with Tsinghua University and Ministry of Science and Technology, and had augmented Reality Interative Technology Industry Consortium to develop a panoramic virtual exhibition room for industrial coolers. Also, the AR/R interactive displays for global marketing and business promotion had created many innovative applications that never seen before.