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When temperature difference between water temperature and room temperature is greater than 6℃ and relative humidity is greater than 75%. Phenomenon of "sweating" will occur in the pipeline.

Answer: They are all environmental friendly refrigerants

R407C is a replacement for R22 (Non-environmental friendly refrigerant), and its characteristic are similar to R22 refrigerant.

Efficiency of R134a is about 73%~75% under the same R407C refrigerating element.

R410A is more sensitive to ambient temperature (high temperature), and the condensing pressure is about 45% higher than R407C. And evaporating pressure is about 56% higher than R407C, so it is generally used in the refrigeration circuit of DC inverter compressor.

Answer: Under standard atmospheric pressure, when heating or cooling 1g of water, its temperature increases or decreases by 1℃, and amount of heat added or released is called 1 calorie, expressed as kcal. Amount of heat is often expressed as 1,000 times for calorie, which is expressed as kcal or calorie.

In the standard atmospheric pressure, 11b (pounds) (11b = 0.454kg) water heating or cooling, and increased or decreased temperature of 1 ℃ Fahrenheit heat added or removed, known as a British thermal unit, and it is called BTU.

Common conversion formula is